Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the psi of the Product?

About 4 to 8 psi at normal squeezing pressure.

2. What is the maximum psi that can be obtained with this product?

No matter how hard you squeeze Saljet®, the maximum psi will be around 10.

3. Does the product contain preservatives?

No, it is unpreserved isotonic, non-pyrogenic, sterile saline, 0.9% w/v.

4. Is the product buffered?

No, Saljet® is not buffered.

5. Why does the product carry a legend?

Because the FDA says, that along with all other licensed saline products, that it should.

6. Does Saljet® have an NDC number?

Yes, the NDC number is 64938-009-01.

7. Haven't I seen this product before in respiratory care?

No. You may have seen a somewhat similar product manufactured using the same technology as Saljet® and licensed for respiratory care only, but Saljet® is licensed for use in dressing changes and has been designed for this use. Importantly Saljet® produces a jet of saline at a pressure of 4-8 psi.

8. Is the product reimbursable?

Yes, the HCPCS code is A4214.

9. What is the pack size?

Each unit contains 30ml, there are 40 units to a box and 6 boxes in a shipping case, (240 vials in a case)

10. Is Saljet® available in other sizes?

Not at present.

11. Where is the shelf life or expiry date shown on the product?

The year and month of expiry, (end of the month shown), are embossed on the bottom of each vial, printed on the bottom right of the box lid and on the label on each shipper.

12. How much does Saljet® cost?

The price of Saljet® is determined by your distributor.

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